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Ahhh I heart this palette! The colors are so vibrant and fun to play with. I like to use them on eyes mostly however you can use this palette on any part of the face and that’s what’s so great about it, lips cheeks and even the body for any sort of creative looks.

It has a greasy texture so dabbing it on with your fingers rather than using a brush is better. I always build the color with eye shadows or aqua colors. I would start by using a tiny amount and then just keep layering and building, making the colors more intense. The pigment is great especially the white.

I would recommend using a primer underneath to prevent it from creasing.

This palette comes with 12 colors creamy and metallic and you can mix the colors to create different shades and variations. Don’t be afraid to mix colors always experiment and see what colors you can come up with.

I love the simple plastic packaging it’s a great idea and the lid comes off completely which is good for when you working on set or on shoots. The case actually looks like some kind of children’s toy haha but that just makes me want to get even more creative and arty.

You can buy this palette online on the Makeup forever website http://www.makeupforever.com it’s around £70. It is slightly pricey but there is a lot of product. 

Enjoy this fab palette and let me know how you guys get along and what you use it for. 



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“ Nude lips will even out and define your lips the way a subtle coat of mascara draws attention to your eyes. ”

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Hi Yasmin how r u?? I wanted to ask you about the night cream? M 23 n m searching for a good night cream please suggest any good brand thank you 😊

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Thank you for your message, I am very well :-)

How is your skin type like at the moment?

For dry skin that needs moisture I would recommend Nivea Q10 it’s amazing for the skin.

If you have normal skin then try Lush the “skin drink” cream is great. Also Lush do this serum that I am using at the moment called “full of grace” That does wonders for my skin it has really calming and soothing ingredients in it. 



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